January 06, 2011

The Latest iPhone Images Leaked. iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 or whatever it called soon

A video and several photos have surfaced showing a different version of the iPhone than the model currently available. Could this be the iPhone 5 or the Verizon iPhone?

iPhone 4/5 side 1
iPhone 4/5 the bottom

New images reputedly leaked from “a very reliable source” show an iPhone slightly different from anything we’ve seen before and seem to give us a look at what’s ahead. What we don’t know is whether this new gadget is an upgrade for the iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 due this summer or the Verizon Wireless CDMA iPhone expected within a few weeks. The still photos reveal a phone with four black bands separating the antennas rather than the three on the current iPhone.

iPhone 4/5 side 2

The most logical explanation for this is a design change to correct the glitch that caused “antennagate” when the iPhone was released last summer. OTOH, it could be a redesign necessary to accommodate Verizon’s LTE network. Another difference is the vibrate switch and volume keys being positioned slightly differently. The SIM card slot, 30 pin dock connector, speaker, microphone and bottom screws of the new phone appear to be in the same positions as the current model.

iPhone 4/5 the top

The YouTube video from a smartphone parts company called Global Direct Parts shows a similar phone purported to be the CDMA iPhone or iPhone 5, and compares its features to the iPhone 4. Like the phone in the still images, the video shows a device that has design changes to the antennas, with other features moved slightly to accommodate this switch. Probably the most interesting point about these mystery phones is that they have a SIM card slot, which is not necessary on a CDMA phone—unless it’s a World iPhone, dual-mode iPhone, or LTE iPhone. Somehow the video is removed by Youtube.. =(

taken from and credit for: iphoneuserguide.com

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